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Original Orchestral/Epic Battle Music

About the band

I am a normal guy with a normal life who has decided to spend some of his free time doing music (my passion). I started this journey in 2021, releasing my first single "Journey to the Unknown", a self-explainatory title.

About Merlinter

Orchestraiting all the instruments together is harder than what I thought it would be. I find myself tackling technical barriers down yet to master composition. There is a long way to go... Now I am facing the next challenge: publishing my music and showing it out to the world. I have found out that mixing and mastering are a real hurdle, tougher than expected, defeatable only by cramming out... and with some hint of enlightment.

Influenced mainly by metal music, without forgetting my devotion to epic orchestra, as Thomas J. Bergersen's masterpieces (I love his work). I define music as something that goes beyond all possible explanation. I understand it as a limitless feeling that sends you to a journey full of fantasy. A journey in which I am very happy to be and only time will tell how it ends.


These are the releases available on most music platforms.

Merlinter - Passage


by Merlinter
  1. Passage - Pt. I2:35
  2. Passage - Pt. II4:24

"It is difficult to bring a feeling to this dimension. However, the door that unites both worlds will be opened to whoever can use it."

Genres: Heavy metal, Alternative. Release Date: Nov 13, 2021. Length: 6:59

Lightning the Dark(Single)

by Merlinter
  1. Lightning the Dark4:07

"What is darkness but what we choose not to light up."

Genres: Heavy metal, Orchestra. Release Date: May 28, 2021. Length: 4:07

Merlinter - Lightning the Dark
Merlinter - Journey to the Unknown

Journey to the Unknown(Single)

by Merlinter
  1. Journey to the Unknown3:50

"Whatever decision we make, there will always be a journey to go. We may know where we start from but not where it is ending. All the rest is unknown."

Genres: Heavy metal, Orchestra. Release Date: Mar 22, 2021. Length: 3:50

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